Yosemite Elopement Part II

Shooting an elopement in Yosemite has been one of my dreams, the last time I was here I was probably around 10 years old, so my memory just stored the dry absent waterfalls (went in the fall) , the wooden walk ways, and the crisp air, and me getting dizzy looking out a window in hopes to see a bear haha. In perspective I didn’t remember the magnitude of the place. So you can imagine my adult self giddy and honestly a bit tired coming around the curve of the road, and simply being floored as it opens up to the awe dropping beauty of Yosemite Valley. There is something so unique, grand, and a million other words to describe the absolute raw beauty of nature that is Yosemite. I was seriously floored. And let me tell you it wasn’t a one time flooring, we probably drove around the park a dozen times and each time the curve opened up and the trees cleared enough to get the glimpse of hundred foot granite pouring a level 5 waterfall, quiet literally gasped each time. Keep in mind Yosemite received 200% snowfall and now that it’s summer the Merced River is engorged with level 5 rapids. Yep, it’s absolutely insane. Waterfalls in full force, and it’s a sight like no other. AND the fact that I was here for a styled elopement shoot, I was STOKED. The amazing team of Mae & Co Creative brought together the sweetest couple and we started off shooting at Sentinel Beach which you can see here. From here we drove up all the way up the winding road to Glacier Point for the most epic panoramic view with waterfalls, half dome, and lush ranges all in the backdrop! I am overwhelmed with all the stunning photos in this magical place that I just HAD to share them all, so I split it into Part I and Part II. Check out the most epic overlook Elopement in Yosemite below xx