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Oaxaca Engagement Session

The moment you get to climb down the steps off the plane in Oaxaca City Mexico you are immediately greeted by a valley of lush green mountains that instantly make you feel - for a split second- like you stepped back in time to pre-historic Meso-America.

The city itself is a beautiful blend of cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, cathedrals every other block, charming restaurants, food vendors, and a gentle and colorful spirit of the people who live here. The city of Oaxaca is energetic and full of zest, and yet it was one of the most quaint and romantic places in Mexico that I’ve been to (aside from San Miguel De Allende)!

So you can imagine how inspired I was, every street, every wall, every church, garden, plaza, roof top terrace - they were all begging to be taken photos of!!!

I’m so grateful that I got a chance to capture an engagement session here and make my dreams come true! This is one of the best experiences I’ve had because we basically traveled together and I got to capture their whole adventure! We started off at City Centro Express Hotel it’s bright pink colorful geometric walls, modern touches, cactus, and rooftop views, made this a top location on my list!!

The following day we made plans to shoot at the ancient pyramids of Monte Alban Oaxaca, the trick to getting it all to ourselves was simple : Go on a weekday and be the first ones there when it opens which is actually not until 8am.

We had the place all to ourselves, Lety + Rafa incorporated traditional Oaxaca clothing into their session they actually bought the outfits the night before at the street market (after eating some Tlayudas). Can’t wait to visit again, I scouted so many locations, that it’d be impossible not come again with another amazing couple.