All you Need To Know about Printing your Photos!


So, You just Received Your Wedding Photos Through an Online Image Gallery, Now What?

If you have recently took Engagement Photos, Wedding Photos, heck- even memories that are piled up on your iPhone, chances are they’re all still floating around the cyber world of technology. Floating around, UNPROTECTED. And let’s be honest— humans and technology don’t always get along. Chances are you’re prone to loose that phone with precious memories, your computer might crash, and your image galleries have long expired. Now what? All of those beautiful memories, literally gone forever because you never printed any of them! How do you make sure your photos are protected as the years go by?

1.) Back Them Up!

First things first, you’re gonna want to make sure you make lot’s of copies, thankfully one of the plus sides to digital images is that you can easily and readily save them to several locations. Buy several USB’S they’re inexpensive and you can even buy in bulk at places like Costco. Make sure to copy/save your image folders onto the USB’s, and store them in various safe kept locations, or as a bonus maybe even store some at Mom’s house! Keep in mind, USB’s can corrupt/ damage over time, this method is only a back up, the final step is of course to print your images.

2.) Clouds/ Online Storage

This is a good option for people who have a ton of photos on their phones or also if you received an online image gallery from me, then they’re probably all saved to your computer, it’s a good idea to look into Cloud Storages/Online Storage systems that are guaranteed backups!

3.) The Only Way To Preserve your Memories : Printing.

Technology as it is ever changing is bound to corrupt/ become damaged / no longer functional (floppy disks? remember them?), the only way to preserve your memories is by making tangible good ol' paper prints. Just like the ones that have been passed down from generation to generation in your family. Make prints and lots of them. My clients all have a print release, which allows them to print their high quality professional images from a printer of their choice! There’s no excuse to loose all your precious memories because they were locked away on a phone or on your crashed computer. Even better, make photo books with your images, they save space, look great, there’s tons of affordable book companies that let you customize layouts and so forth!

Printing Companies:

I have compiled a list of recommended printers for my clients, to ensure they get their photos printed!

Remember, you probably invested a pretty penny on your wedding day photos, your engagement photos, etc make sure you don’t loose them over something like a computer crash or lost phone. This goes for your personal photos as well!! Print. Print. Print!