What's In my Camera Bag?

What’s In My Camera Bag

One of the most asked questions I get is, “What do you shoot with?” or “what’s your favorite lens?”, and “what do you bring to shoot weddings?”, so I figured I’d lay out my go to items and other gear.

If you’re just starting shooting out, don’t worry about having the latest and most expensive gear. You don’t need amazing gear to start practicing and getting good! Instead focus on creativity, lighting, composition, and technical camera knowledge. You can always upgrade as you go (that’s exactly what I did)!


I first started on a Nikon D2100 (believe it or not) and it was about $500, which was a lot at the time for a 16 year old on a summer job salary haha! But I was determined and loved photography already.

Then I “upgraded” and switched over to a Canon EOS 80 D, I shot SO so much on this camera and really started fine tuning my style and approach. When I started feeling limited and felt that I had used it to all of it’s capability, I upgraded again!

Waterproof and Sleek!

Waterproof and Sleek!

Here’s What I Have:

2 Canon 5d Mark iii’s

Canon 35mm L

Canon 50L

Sigma 35mm

Sigma 24mm

Yongnuo 568exii Flash (usually only use flash during reception if necessary)

SD and CF card cases

Vinta Type-II Camera Bag

Magmod Sphere

Leather Double Harness Camera Strap (No longer listed on Etsy but definitely recommend India Earl’s Harnesses)

Waterproof Portable Clip Speaker (I play music during all my session!)

Pelican Cases

Extra Gear I Bring on Wedding Days:

Command Hooks ( this helps for when you don’t have a nice place to get the dress shot and gives you more creative flexibility for where you decide to place the dress!)

Cliff Bars+ Water (you’ll find that on wedding days you probably won’t have time go anywhere for food make sure to come prepared)

First Aid Kit

Medicine (Pain pills, medicine etc these have come in super handy, I’ve had whole bridal parties and even the groom relying on me for these haha)

Lint Roller

Stain Wipes

Tissues (this is a big one especially during the ceremony)

Extra Batteries

Bobby Pins + Safety Pins

External Phone Charger

Flat Lay Stationary Items ( during the flat lay photos of the brides details I’ll bring along backdrops, linens, silk ribbon, extra goodies to help style the image.)

SO, as you can see I work with what I have, I definitely have a wish list of fancy lenses that I’d love to have but I’d rather invest that money in education/workshops/ etc. I can always add more to my repertoire if I see I truly need it. Like I said, while nice gear is great, knowing how to use whatever gear you’re working with is what really matters!