First Looks, Are They For You?


Let’s Break it Down, First Looks on Wedding Day?

Now, this is a common question when wedding planning, to do or not to do a first-look. I’ll be the first to tell you THERE’S NO WRONG ANSWER! It simply comes down to preference. However, I do want to go in depth on why you might consider it, the biggest reason: practicality.

Traditionally, you might’ve heard the stigma around seeing the bride before the ceremony, some still abide by this “rule” and other’s simply are doing things there own way!

Here are Important things to Consider:

You Want a Genuine Reaction from your Partner When you are Walking Down the Aisle :

You might be under the impression that if you do a first look, your soon to be husband might not have the same heartfelt reaction if he hadn’t seen you earlier, this is FALSE. Not only do most couples get an emotional reaction during the first look, but they still have a heart-felt reaction when you’re walking up the aisle, because you’ll be overwhelmed with emotion no matter what. Don’t talk yourself completely out of first looks because of this.


Nervous? Anxiety? Wedding Day Stress?

Having a First Look for those who are nervous and anxious because of the big day can help ease all those feelings! First Looks are great because you get a chance to spend some quality time together, taking it all in, balancing each other out, connecting, and having some quiet time before the rush of events.

Can’t Ignore Practicality

First looks allows you to be able to get most of your wedding photos done (bridal party, family photos, etc) before the ceremony which will allow you to get to your cocktail party and reception sooner! However, there is also a downfall, often times First Looks happen during the day, so the lighting is not the most ideal, you might still have to take photos after your ceremony!


Depending on what time of the year you’re getting you married, you might actually have to do a First Look! First-look wedding photos are critical if you want portraits taken with natural light, especially if the ceremony is scheduled later in the evening.

So, there are a lot of factors when deciding if they’re right for you and your partner. Personally, I didn’t have a first look during my wedding, I waited until the ceremony, however I was SO stressed and anxious that I didn’t even smile while I was walking down the aisle ( I was already crying) haha and I could barley say my vows in between crying!!! I would definitely go back and do a first look, to help ease the pressure and have a moment with my husband. Like I said, it’s completely preference! Don’t let anyone steer you one way or the other, sit down and talk about what would make it more memorable for the both of you, and do things your way!